Coast Drive Greatstone Consortium

In September 2017 a strip of environmentally important sand dunes came up for auction. The strip of land runs north to south behind some 44 houses.

In order to preserve the dunes and prevent any development two thirds of the owners of those properties donated to a fund to purchase the land. We formed Coast Drive Greatstone Consortium Limited (CDGCL) and with those funds we were able to successfully deter and fight off bids from speculators and now own the land.

Where is Greatstone?


Our strip of land forms part of a larger publicly accessible area of dunes that in turn form part of the Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay SSSI. It is home to rare flora and fauna.

The land also has European and international designations. The site is important in several regards including providing a home to rare flora and fauna, and costal geomorphology (the development and evolution of the coast), particularly the formation and changes to the shingle spit and the development of sand dune.

As owners of a scientifically important site we are bound by law to protect it with very severe penalties if we fail to do so.


CDGCL is a limited company that owns and manages the land on behalf of the contributors to the fund. These contributors are now shareholders.

The company is managed by a small team of volunteer Directors who are elected at our annual general meeting.

Only owners of the adjacent properties are allowed to be shareholders and if a shareholder sells his property the share is transfered to the new owner. Only shareholders can become Directors

We have been working with other organisations to improve the site by the removal of invasive species.